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Welcome to iBiz.one, a technology platform that offers full range to cloud (internet) based business applications (web and mobile based software) for all you business needs.

No need to worry about technology, servers or hosting. Just Sign Up and pay as you go! That too at affordable low prices.

iBiz.one provides core framework for a complete business solution comprising integrated Customer Relations Management (CRM), Partner Relations Management (PRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM),and Online Analysis Processing (OLAP). iBiz.one is designed to be network/web hosted and iBiz.one, being a flexible platform, provides full flexibility in implementation so as to suit your unique needs

Core Features

Business Process Management

Integrated Accounting / Inventory

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Customer Relations Management (CRM)

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Partner Relations Management (PRM)

Business Benefits

iBiz.one is designed to deliver a comprehensive set of business benefits, including:

  • Better decision-making: Access the right information in real time to identify concerns on time and use it to take decisions proactively.

  • Improved productivity, efficiency: Provides easy access to consolidated and consistent reporting of your business processes.

  • Adaptability to business change: iBiz.one software architecture makes sure that software is relatively easy to change to reflect business changes.

  • Better financial management and government reporting: Automation of information management and computer assisted legal/government reporting.

  • Higher ROI: In today's service economy cutting cost and making processes more efficient is the key. The software is going to reduce various costs and make processes efficient providing High ROI on investment made in software.

  • High Employee Productivity: When employees get easy to use, integrated system that can use to get or process information quickly their productivity increases.

Technology Features

  1. Anywhere access: Since the software is web based / thin client, there are practically no installation / setup issues at the client computer side.

  2. All access to the system is provided to authenticated users only

  3. Permissions: Operations are checked against specified roles, if the user's role doesn't permit him/her to do a particular task the system refuses the action.

  4. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption of all connetions to iBiz.one servers

  5. Data can be exported to Comma separated values (Excel) file or PDF wherever appropriate

  6. Caching of data at the server end to speed up the routine queries and reports

  7. Graphical representation of data to enable easy viewing

  8. User friendly navigation system based upon entities and activities

  9. Audit Trails: Logging of all user actions (with timestamp) for auditing purposes

  10. Cross platform Java Technology for security and interoperability

  11. Use of open source technology to reduce costs while maintaining high quality